An Aquatic Hero
Starfishman is a comic book superhero I started to develop in 1992. Originally a marine biologist who experimented with starfish DNA, mutagenic bacteria and DNA-warping energy fields which resulted in a tragic accident that changed him on a genetic level. He is now an aquatic hero who protects the oceans.
Multiple Comics in the Works
There are currently 5 comic books being created right now:
1. Starfishman Origins - A two part series that tells the story of Dr. Kino Marin and his ambitious research into human regeneration, and the disasterous events that lead to his transformation into Starfishman.
2. Starfishman: The Shark Finners - A short comic story about one of Starfishman's first adventures. Still mastering his abilities, Starfishman learns of a deadly shark finning operation which uses advanced technology to track down and massacre shark populations.
3. Starfishman: The Drone - Another exciting short comic that introduces a deadly new foe - a maniac whose mastery of drone technology makes no one safe! Starfishman must investigate.
4. Starfishman: Fireflies - Starfishman is asked for his help in fighting a high-tech war against deadly forest fires. Again, Starfishman must rely on both his physical abilities and his keen scientific mind to figure out what's causing these horrific fires... and how to put them out!
5. Starfishman: The Void - Starfishman investigates some strange power outages in an experimental energy system he's consulting on. What he discovers would send shivers down his spine... if he still had one! 

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